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Jacket image for My Wife is Married to a Feckin' Eejit My Wife is Married to a Feckin' Eejit (Hardback - 11 Oct 2019)
O'Shea, Bernard
ISBN: 9780717183876 High quantity in stock
Bernard O'Shea is a lucky man. He owes his life to his long-suffering wife. She has nicknamed him `The Feckin' Eejit' because of the ongoing crises he puts her and their three children through almost every day. This is a hilarious account of the trials and tribulations of family life, made all the harder when you're married to a `Feckin' Eejit'.
16.99 €

Jacket image for Two for the Road Two for the Road (Hardback - 15 Oct 2019)
Doyle, Roddy
ISBN: 9781529112269 High quantity in stock
FROM THE AUTHOR OF TWO PINTS AND TWO MORE PINTSAnother round of two pints from the ever-brilliant, always hilarious imagination of Roddy Doyle Two men meet for a pint - or three - in a Dublin pub. Around them the world of Brexit, Trump, and referendums storm, but some things - good things - never change.
9.99 €

Jacket image for Child's Play Child's Play (Paperback - 09 Oct 2019)
Steel, Danielle
ISBN: 9781509878017 High quantity in stock
Do we always know what's best for our children? Danielle Steel movingly explores the highs and lows of motherhood in Child's Play.
14.99 €

Jacket image for Dead at First Sight Dead at First Sight (Paperback - 17 Oct 2019)
James, Peter
ISBN: 9781509816415 High quantity in stock
The fifteenth Detective Superintendent Roy Grace novel from the highly acclaimed number one bestselling author, Peter James.
9.99 €

Jacket image for This Book Will Make You Fall Asleep: Tips, Quotes, Puzzles and Sh This Book Will Make You Fall Asleep: Tips, Quotes, Puzzles and Sh (Hardback - 10 Oct 2019)
ISBN: 9781786859976 Medium quantity in stock
You are feeling sleepy... If you're tired of sleepless nights, and wish you could drop off in two shakes of a lamb's tail, then say hello to Kip! Your woolly friend will guide you through this soporific little volume that's filled with more sheep than you can count and plenty of relaxing puzzles. It'll have you snoozing in no time.
9.65 €

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